Monday, July 30, 2012

Return of the Priest,Battle Pet System and its effect on my stock-pilling

A blood elf wakes in her chambers in Silvermoon, slightly confused, dreams of an alternate life as a Night Elf lingering. She groans as she rises from her bed, it seems that she has been sleeping a long while. She smooth’s out the wrinkles in her robes, reaches for her trusted mace and says a short prayer to the Light – smiling as the holy power fills her.
She takes in the beautiful sights of Silvermoon as she steps out into the brisk morning air. Breathing deep she can feel the resonance of the Cataclysm in the air, but deeper in her bones, she feels that another challenge awaits Azeroth. A challenge that she would gladly accept and face for the Light, for Silvermoon and For the Horde!
Happy Monday! As you can tell from by brief foray into the RP world, My Priest has returned from Retirement. The Priest was originally my main character in Vanilla and TBC, however during Tempest Keep I took a long break and returned as a Mage, putting the priest away unless I needed to level her for her professions.  As I’ve come back and leveled my second mage, I find that while I love playing the mage solo and questing, I totally hate grouping with her. Not only does it take forever for me to get a queue pop as DPS but it just isn’t very challenging. I needed to get some Justice Points for an Heirloom item (Starting a hunter) so I figured I’d trot out the Priest just to try it, 8 hours and lots of groups later I was very much enjoying myself.  I think that MOP may see the return of the Priest as my main grouping/raiding character with the Mage as my solo/questing toon.

In addition to my fun as a priest, I have been messing around with the Pet Battle System on the PTR. It’s fun in a silly kind of way and I do like how it allows me to capture pets; however that also means that people will not be so inclined to purchase pets the could just go tame themselves, so the pet market may not be as lucrative as before. I was going to stockpile some pets, however I am now going to sell them off.
With only 2 months to release, I am not going to be investing too heavily into stockpiling anything. I will just wait for good deals, such as late Wednesday someone posted about 400 stacks of whiptail @ 19g a stack, I spent almost 8k and bought them all up, turned them into ink and by Saturday had made the 8k back and still had a bank filled with ink.
With the expansion announcement, many people are trying to get rid of items they think they won’t need, so I would be on the lookout for items that are needed in leveling trade-skills, especially items in the level range that pass so quickly (like Mageweave, Medium/Heavy Leather).

Have fun out there!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Enchanting Rods – Bye Bye!

Busy weekend and its crazy here at work so this week’s post is a short one. Enchanting Rods were going to be part of my MOP Stockpile, but if according to the newest Beta release notes they are going bye-bye.
All Enchants will just need the Copper Rod to create, its blizzard’s way of helping the leveling process for new characters.
I had a few Rods in my Bank pending MOP, mainly because if they gave gains I used them to level up when I was leveling Blacksmithing, now it’s time to liquidate while I can.
This is a perfect example of why you should pay close attention to the beta release notes.

btw mage farmer is now 85 J

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Warriors, a New Guild Bank and the Undermine Journal.

shit just got real....

Another week gone by and another progress update. We left our intrepid Mage at level 63 last week, marching through the wilds of Outland. Not only did she survive the twisted nether but managed to make it through the undead filled peaks of Northrend, through the burning of Mount Hyjal and now sits in the underground Caverns of Deepholm …yes my mage is now 82.

Outland passed very quickly, almost too quickly as I hardly managed to pick up any herbs along my way. Plenty of ore for Blacksmithing, but herbs were not spawning for me for some reason.  The good news is I got enough greens and cloth to make a few [Bag of Jewels], which sell for about 350 gold each.

The farming front is going well, so well that it’s now time for me to start outlining my MOP Preparation plan.

My first major setback is space, thankfully while I was perusing the AH late Sunday night someone announced in trade that they wanted to sell a 5 tab guild bank. I figured what the heck and sent the gentlemen a tell – for only 50 gold I now have a guild bank (the name is rather unflattering but I can change that). I am giving it a week before I actually start using it, it looked legitimate, only 4 people in the guild, guy who sold it was guild leader for a while, but just in case it was stolen or something I don’t want to start using it just to have blizzard take it away.

I figured a week should be sufficient and then I can start with my stockpile.

On the Auction housing front I have had to shift my selling paradigm from my old server. Originally I came from a mid-high population, PVP server with a very heavy raiding presence. Most guilds on my server raided 4-6 hours Monday through Thursday, making those days prime time for posting Auctions. Weekends I almost never bothered because that’s when all the crafters and farmers came out and prices tanked.

It’s almost the exact opposite on my new server. I noticed pretty slow sales during the week, but starting Friday afternoon up until Sunday evening very high, constant sales. This lets me know that on this server I probably have way more people who have jobs or attend school or otherwise don’t have much time to play during the week – so on the weekend they don’t want to waste time and buy what they need on the Auction House.

This is very important to learn on a server as I wasted a good amount of time posting auctions during the week that never sold; I am still going to post some items, such as consumables, raw mats or glyphs. But vanity items like pets or transmog gear I’ll probably wait for the weekend when the Weekend Warriors roll in and start buying.

Last but definitely not least, the greatest news I had upon returning to Wow is that the Undermine Journal is back! Before I left on my year hiatus, the Undermine Journal went offline due to the extensive modifications that were made to the online auction house. It’s back online now and awesome as always.

It helps me keep up with trends and it’s much easier for me to alt-tab to see a market price for an item then keen Auctioneer running all the time (and remembering to scan) and I am going to try out the add-on version to see how I like that.

If you haven’t already been to the Undermine Journal, head over now.

Golden Muse out…

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Death of a Guild Bank

Week 2 of wow return has been completed and boy was it a busy week.
During the week I continued leveling my new Mage who made it to 63 by EOD Sunday. This little goblin is a pure famer with Herbalism/Mining. Her Ore is currently going to the Priest who I recently replaced her mining with Blacksmithing. Her Herbs are being saved for when the Rogue transferred.

The last character I have to transfer is my Rogue (Inscription/Alchemy) who I made guild master of my Bank Guild (instead of my level 10 bank alt). I waited the whole 7 days it required and bright and early Saturday morning I logged into to transfer her over and I get an error.
Guild does not meet the minimum level requirement for transfer.
Apparently guilds have to be level 2 to transfer, looks like I should read the fine print a little more often.

After I screamed in rage and contemplated spiking my headset, I reviewed the contents of my 6 filled bank tabs to determine what stays and what goes.  I spent the next 3 hours auction-housing and general house cleaning.
After it was all said and done I was up 10k in 12 hours (longest I was willing to wait), I probably could have made more but I really wanted to get this last transfer done and hop into the Inscription/Alchemy markets on my new server. Looking back it was actually a good thing, I am a hoarder in game and will save everything for months just waiting for a good price (sample: I had 500 small eggs waiting for Winter Veil just hanging out), this requirement allowed me to clean out all that extra stuff.
I will miss my guild bank though; I had 6 tabs and my own private warehouse.  After I settle a bit I am going to look at purchasing another one on my current server as Inscription takes up a lot of space.

Current Gold Making Tip: Vendor Recipes, I can’t get over how much people pay for vendor recipes. While I am leveling my Farmer I make a point of always stopping by any vendor and seeing if they have a limited quantity recipe or even one that just looks unique. Most of these go for under 1 gold (30 silver most of the time) but sell between 25-50 gold. Since I am already in town it takes no extra effort to check out these vendors.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Thoughts on the Return… First Week Back

Today is officially my first week back to Wow and I will have to say it’s going well so far. I started a Goblin Mage to help myself re-learn the basics and the Capital Cities. She is also going to be my new farming character as my old farmer isn’t worth paying for the server transfer. In addition to learning my way around, leveling lets me travel to some out of the way places for recipes as well as low level materials.
Originally I used my scroll of resurrection to get my Main (Jewel-craft/Tailor) on this server, which left my crafting alts on the old server as well as my guild bank. I transferred over my first Alt (Enchanter/Miner) on Friday and after a few weeks will transfer my last alt (Alchemy/Inscription) who is also the guild master of my Guild Bank. This will allow me to be a bit more aggressive with auction-housing.
 A few things will be changing with my auction house strategy since not only am I on a mid-population server (from High Population) but now my guildies are also real life friends who are willing on working together for the benefit of everyone. We did some discussion on Saturday and they let me know which markets they were primarily in and I let them know my intentions. Luckily they are mostly in Crafting Materials but there is some overlap with Jewel-crafting and alchemy.
Jewel-crafting doesn’t have me worried. With MOP on the way it would be pretty beneficial to have other JC’s coordinate patterns so that we can avoid all buying the same patterns (coordination to destroy rivals will also be easier with friends J) .

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Golden Muse Returns…

The Golden Muse has returned and up for new Gold Making Challenges.
Over a year ago I stopped playing World Of Warcraft and focused on work and home life. After a few months I thought about going back but was frustrated because my top geared mage was no longer top geared and I decided to try out some other things.  I played around with Star Wars, Tried my hand a Diablo and eventually decided to come back to wow.
Today is my 3rd day back and there have been lots of changes in the last year. I left when Cata was still kinda new and shiny – now it’s a little crisp around the edges due to the Fire Lands.  Not only do I have to learn new areas, new dungeons, new raids and new gems – but I decided to server transfer to a different server and different faction!  I had played alliance for my entire career of wow, but some real life friends of mine are Horde on another server  and my new causal lifestyle fit more with them then my hard-core raiding guild (whose leadership and membership based majorly changed during my year + long absence).  I now have to re-learn all the capital cities and stop myself from going on auto-pilot into an Alliance city (I have killed myself twice so far doing that).
But the Auction House remains the same.  While the markets are a little different on this server and there doesn’t seem to be as a competitive market as my last server, my first 2 days have netted me about 8k with just doing some light auction-housing. I am spending my time reviewing how the market on this server works and who my competition is on this server before I jump in feet first.

Stay Tuned :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back in Action!

Its been a crazy few weeks. Between work and raiding I had little time for my extra activities. In fact some days went by that I had NOTHING on the AH, blasphemes I know.

But things are starting to settle down so I have begun to research the recent and upcoming changes in anticipation of more gold making.

In the meantime, here is a post I was working ok a few weeks ago before life decided to head-butt me:

I have been in process of investigating different ways of profiting using my professions, today I should be able to get another Gem Cut and I plan on purchasing a PVP Gem cut to see if I can get a nice price from cornering the PVP Gem market.

In the meantime I have been focusing on my JC and Enchanter.  Kreaton over at Not So Secrect Society, has posted a nice post regarding the green gems and their various uses. I myself have been reviewing green gems and over the past 3 days I have done a little research and a little spending.

Monday, elementium ore was down to around 3.7 per ore or 74g per stack. One single person had posted over 500 stacks at this price. I almost couldn’t help myself. I ended up purchasing about 50 stacks.

Investment So far:  approx. 3,700

I prospected it all and after it was all said and done I received an average of 10 of each blue gem and 40 of each green gem (I haven’t seen anything official but I wonder if Nightstone proc-rate has been increased? I received almost 45 nightstones, the most of any green gem).
The Jade, Alicite and Carnelian’s stayed with my JC and I crated the Jade Rings, Alicite Necks and Carnelian Spikes (I ended up proc’ing 1 Blue Jade Ring and 2 blue alicite necks).  Once complete I sent all the items to my Enchanter to DE, with the exception of the Blue Items – which were sent directly to my banker.

After I was done, I took all the Dream Emerald’s and cut them into Lightning Dream Emeralds, which are going for about 375g per on my server.

After the crafting of the Gems, I DE’d the items and sent them to my banker to begin posting. I spent about 45 minutes total doing this, and was afk half the time cooking dinner.

The final auctions have sold and I have netted approximately 31,257 g.
Investment – 3,700g
Return – 31,257g
Profit: 27,557g

Not too shabby.