Monday, July 30, 2012

Return of the Priest,Battle Pet System and its effect on my stock-pilling

A blood elf wakes in her chambers in Silvermoon, slightly confused, dreams of an alternate life as a Night Elf lingering. She groans as she rises from her bed, it seems that she has been sleeping a long while. She smooth’s out the wrinkles in her robes, reaches for her trusted mace and says a short prayer to the Light – smiling as the holy power fills her.
She takes in the beautiful sights of Silvermoon as she steps out into the brisk morning air. Breathing deep she can feel the resonance of the Cataclysm in the air, but deeper in her bones, she feels that another challenge awaits Azeroth. A challenge that she would gladly accept and face for the Light, for Silvermoon and For the Horde!
Happy Monday! As you can tell from by brief foray into the RP world, My Priest has returned from Retirement. The Priest was originally my main character in Vanilla and TBC, however during Tempest Keep I took a long break and returned as a Mage, putting the priest away unless I needed to level her for her professions.  As I’ve come back and leveled my second mage, I find that while I love playing the mage solo and questing, I totally hate grouping with her. Not only does it take forever for me to get a queue pop as DPS but it just isn’t very challenging. I needed to get some Justice Points for an Heirloom item (Starting a hunter) so I figured I’d trot out the Priest just to try it, 8 hours and lots of groups later I was very much enjoying myself.  I think that MOP may see the return of the Priest as my main grouping/raiding character with the Mage as my solo/questing toon.

In addition to my fun as a priest, I have been messing around with the Pet Battle System on the PTR. It’s fun in a silly kind of way and I do like how it allows me to capture pets; however that also means that people will not be so inclined to purchase pets the could just go tame themselves, so the pet market may not be as lucrative as before. I was going to stockpile some pets, however I am now going to sell them off.
With only 2 months to release, I am not going to be investing too heavily into stockpiling anything. I will just wait for good deals, such as late Wednesday someone posted about 400 stacks of whiptail @ 19g a stack, I spent almost 8k and bought them all up, turned them into ink and by Saturday had made the 8k back and still had a bank filled with ink.
With the expansion announcement, many people are trying to get rid of items they think they won’t need, so I would be on the lookout for items that are needed in leveling trade-skills, especially items in the level range that pass so quickly (like Mageweave, Medium/Heavy Leather).

Have fun out there!

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  1. Welcome the the awesome side. It's good to see you ditched the floppy nelf ears anyway. Lok'tar ogar